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468 Grand Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11238

(646) 363-6397

Heavy Metals NYC is a Brooklyn-based jewelry and accessories company run by local sculptor and scribe, Shanel Odum. Shop the latest collection—an eclectic mosh of fashion-forward, avant-garde, and luxe jewelry. Every piece is unique and handmade.



We handle returns on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate objective of making our customers happy. We stand behind our jewelry and want customers to be satisfied with their purchases. We'll always do our best to take care of customers—our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably. We believe that when we treat our customers fairly, they in turn are fair with us.



If you need to change your order, please email shanel@heavymetalsnyc.com as soon as possible. We are happy to make any changes before your order has been shipped.