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Heavy Metals NYC is a Brooklyn-based accessories brand fronted by local sculptor/scribe, Shanel Odum. The beautifully badass jewelry line is an eclectic mosh of fashion-forward, avant-garde, and luxe designs lovingly handcrafted in a cozy, Clinton Hill studio. The continuously swelling collection incorporates flowing feathers, gorgeous gunmetal, sterling silver swords, and studded ammo into impossibly chic body adornments. Bespoke designs are also available.

Shanel Odum, Founder/Designer

Shanel Odum, Founder/Designer


I’m so jewelry-obsessed, I tend to accessorize my ornaments with clothes instead of the other way around. Without a fistful of rings, lavishly laced lobes and a couple of cuffed wrists, I feel positively naked. Until a few years ago, I simply considered myself an enthusiast. A trendsetter. A fad-forecaster. An accessory aficionado. Now, I’m proud to call myself an artist. I crossed the line from consumer to creator out of a basic desire to stand out in NYC’s eclectic, fashion-forward, cool-centric crowds. I quickly realized if I wanted to be the only one at the party rocking a sick spiked ear cuff, I’d have to make it myself. So I did.

My jewelry line eschews formality, with a wink. Each piece defies preconceptions – of gender, of genre –and though edgy, has its sharpness tempered by cheek and burnished by craftswomanship.



I create jewelry that reflects elements of urban life and adornment—barbed wire, bottle caps & blunts, industrial landscapes, sharp hardware, and supple curves. I like things delicate but dangerous. My handcrafted designs represent my influences distilled into adornment: Afro punk, urban architecture, feminine strength, masculine polish, naughty humor, high art, pop culture and yogic grace. 

Think outside the jewelry box…